Vibra donates infrared camera to the Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center

Date Thursday, 13 August 2015. Posted in News


The Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center will implement infrared thermography technology to diagnose manatees thanks to Vibra's donation of a FLIR i7 camera.

The camera was handed to the PRMCC in August 5 at their facilities located in the Interamerican University – Bayamón Campus. Vibra's team instructed them on how to use the cameras and the benefits of this type of tools. Infrared cameras allow to measure temperature from a certain distance in a non-invasive, safe manner for both the veterinarian and the manatee.

"Automated temperature measurement tools help the user to find points of interest in the thermal image. This radiometric images provide the ability to study the temperature of a complete surface area, unlike a non-contact thermometer which can only read temperature of a specific point", indicated Jesús Laboy, business developer at Vibra.

manati-centro-flirInfrared thermography was used to study the newborn manatee that was rescued in August 3 in Isabela. “In manatees’ veterinary we use thermography to discover inflammation areas especially if they’re hidden because the bruise can’t be seen”, explained Antonio A. Mignucci, executive director of the PRMCC. Likewise, he mentioned that manatees often hide their illness as a defense mechanism against predators, so thermography will be greatly useful in determining the mammal’s health.


It is not the first time that the Center uses infrared thermography. Last October, Vibra helped the PRMCC to diagnose a manatee rescued in Rio Grande. “When we brought thermography we could see exactly the nine traumas, the pectoral fin’s fracture, and the internal bleeding”, assured Mignucci. About the FLIR i7, he affirmed: “It will be an incredible tool for us to be able to do our job in a more effective a way.”

Meanwhile, Jesús Laboy expressed Vibra’s commitment with Puerto Rico’s social progress and the interest in supporting areas of the society different from the industrial field. “By applying condition monitoring techniques –usually used in industrial machinery- we can increase the effectiveness of the efforts made by groups such as the Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center. The work done by Dr. Mignucci and his team inspired us to contribute our bit to what we consider a noble and important mission”, he affirmed.

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